1. Happy birthday baby! Even though youte sitting right in front of me at silver diner and you’ve been at my house for two days now I love youuuuu and I hope you have a super special day! Go get yourself a cigar!

  2. #othermancrush hehe :3 I felt guilty. @joelesage

  3. I like my men how i like my groceries. #mancrushliterallyeverydayofmylife #henrycavill

  4. #tbt to the day we met omggggg <33333333333333 #imnotkidding @joelesage

  5. #fashionphotography for AP studio wooooooo all my clothes are soaking wet woooooooo

  6. #fashionphotography sort of shoot with @brianabui today YEA

  7. #repost from my lovely model @brianabui #fashionphotography

  8. Bri helped me with my AP studio art assignment today. Shooting in the rain is no fun after a while but I got some shots and she wore my clothes. We’re all winners XD #fashionphotography

  9. Tried to find a spiral notebook for some summer work. Found an old sketchbook from 2010. #weird.

  10. Toddlers shooting roman candles. I’m not resoonsible for this. @brianabui

  11. I think I have artist’s block. ._.

  12. Joe asked me to draw him a butt so I sent him this. #thatswhatyouget

  13. Masculine facial study #realism #drawing #waytodifficult #ineedtogotocollege